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Who we are

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On 2 December, the government transferred the supervision of all people on licences and community sentences to the National Probation Service.

Wales Probation Services delivers rehabilitative interventions and Community Payback, which supports the National Probation Service to deliver the sentence of the court.

Using our expertise, knowledge, skills and understanding, we help people to make positive changes to their lives. Our support is tailored to the individual, so it is effective at preventing reoffending.

Working collaboratively with other partner organisations, we respond to emerging crime trends and find creative ways of reducing or preventing reoffending.

Wales Probation Services is part of Kent, Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company, which Seetec, the ninth largest employee-company in the UK, operates.

Our vision
To enable individuals to achieve sustainable change, lead a crime-free life, make a positive contribution and reparation to their local communities.
Our purpose
We work with the National Probation Service to deliver the sentence of the court, reduce the likelihood of reoffending and protect the public.
Our goal
We provide evidence-based probation interventions that are effective in reducing reoffending.
Our approach
We are driven by established probation values and identity, which places each individual at the heart of their own rehabilitation.
Our philosophy
We aim to deliver a high quality, effective service, in partnership with key stakeholders, that engages service users in addressing offence related needs.

Our social values

We are committed to making a positive contribution to the local communities we serve and our social values underpin the services we deliver.


Investing in people
Our people are our greatest asset. The professionalism, expertise and commitment of our staff allow us to make a positive impact on the lives of service users and the communities we serve.

Investing in our community
We believe all organisations have a responsibility to the societies and communities they serve. We’re dedicated to building local supply chains and have managed hundreds of community projects that improve rural and urban environments.

Positive environmental impact
We continually assess and reduce the environmental impact of our services. We support community groups, and work with local authorities and charities to maintain and improve local environments from woodlands to community centres. We have won HMPPS National Wildlife Awards for our Community Payback projects.

Transparent and accountable services
We deliver a public service, in the public interest which benefits local people and communities. We are committed to supporting social value policies and providing value for money. We provide an accountable service driven by high standards of integrity and transparency.