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Volunteer support

If you and your offender manager feel it would be helpful, we may be able to provide you with a volunteer (mentor) for additional support.

Volunteers can help you with practical problems and be someone you can talk to.

Some of the things they can assist with are:

  • filling in forms or claiming benefits
  • budgeting to make sure bills get paid
  • finding somewhere to live
  • developing interests to help you with your recovery from drug or alcohol misuse
  • getting training
  • finding a job
  • speaking up for you to help get you the support you need
  • attending appointments with you
  • being someone who will listen to you and offer you emotional support.

Your offender manager can refer you to our volunteer unit if you feel this sort of support would be useful to you.

Appointments with a volunteer could count towards a rehabilitation activity requirement (RAR).

Things are going really well with my mentor, I feel more comfortable with her. She helps me overcome my fear of meeting new people

Become a peer mentor

Do you consider yourself to be on the road to recovery and leading a crime-free life?

Are you interested in using your experiences to help other people stop offending?

Why don’t you volunteer as a peer mentor?

Living a life away from offending is possible, and for those at the beginning of their personal journey, meeting people who can give them confidence and the belief that they can progress can be life changing.

You will be able to offer service users the benefits of your experience, encouraging and supporting them through mentoring activities to help bring about the changes they want for their lives.

We will give you accredited training and support to become a peer mentor. And the experience you gain may help you to find work.

Would you like to apply?

For more information and details on how to apply, please speak to your offender manager.