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Information for people on probation

Has the court sentenced you to a community or suspended sentence order?

Have you left prison on a licence or under post-sentence supervision?

The National Probation Service is responsible for the management of community sentences and licences. Your offender manager from the National Probation Service may refer you to complete part of your sentence with us. This may be because you have been given unpaid work, are required to complete a programme or need additional support and assistance. Our services can help you move away from offending behaviour and make positive changes to your life.

Your offender manager from the National Probation Service will set out what you need to do to successfully complete your sentence. They will also tell you what support we will give you with your rehabilitation. Our focus will be on helping you with issues linked to your reoffending, such as:

  • finding a place to live
  • finding a job
  • alcohol and drug issues
  • building positive relationships or making positive changes in your life.

We will make sure you understand what you can expect from us and the services we provide. This will help you feel more in control of what is happening, the steps you can take and the support that is available to you. If you have any questions relating to your overall management, we encourage you to discuss these with your offender manager.

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