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Rehabilitation Activity Requirements (RAR)

When the court sentences individuals to a rehabilitation activity requirement, they must attend a combination of appointments and activities aimed at helping them to avoid reoffending.

Our trained staff deliver activities on behalf of the National Probation Service, which can include one-to-one support or group-work. We also offer appointments with our supply chain partners who specialise in areas such as working with women, helping people find a place to live, giving practical support, or assistance from a mentor.

Below is a list of the rehabilitation activities we offer:

Addictive Behaviours
A programme to help individuals with drug, alcohol and other addictions to understand the reasons why they display a behaviour and the consequences of this on their victims, communities, families and themselves.

We strive to ensure our interventions for women are accessible, inclusive, responsive, and are based on individual needs. The group-work programme provides an environment to empower women by encouraging them to take control of their lives while supporting them in making informed decisions. The programme is women-only and supported by caseworkers who are women.

Beyond Anger and Violence
Offers targeted support to women who have been perpetrators of violence. It provides individuals with an understanding of how their personal experiences impact their anti-social behavior.

Emotional Resilience
A programme aimed at helping individuals to develop skills and strategies to combat low self-esteem. They build on their personal strengths to help them manage stress, anxiety and anger issues.

Managing Aggression
A programme which helps participants develop strategies to manage their anger and avoid aggressive behavior, by changing thinking and behaviours.

Respectful Relationships
A programme for people who do not meet the eligibility criteria for the Building Better Relationships programme. For men and women, the programme aims to reduce the risk of serious harm from domestic abuse.

Children and Families
A programme for participants to understand how their behaviour affects their children’s wellbeing and development.

Victim Awareness
Group-based sessions that help the service user recognise the impact of their behaviour on the victim and the wider community. They explore emotional skills such as empathy and perspective taking. It helps participants to understand that taking responsibility can have a positive effect on their future.