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Changes to probation services – 26 June 2021

Since November 2019, the National Probation Service has been responsible for managing all those on a community order or licence following their release from prison.

From 26 June 2021, community rehabilitation company contracts will end.

The National Probation Service will change its name to the Probation Service. Unpaid work, accredited programmes, structured interventions, and senior attendance centres will be managed by this organisation from this date.

Commissioned rehabilitation services

New contracts to provide services to people supervised by the new Probation Service will also start on this date. The services include:

  • Accommodation support
  • Personal wellbeing and support
  • Education, Training and Employment
  • Women’s Services

You can find out more about these services, here.

Are you on probation?

There will be no change to your supervision. Your probation practitioner will explain anything else you will need to know about the new Probation Service and rehabilitative services when you next meet.

You can find out the contact details for all the Probation Services’ contact centres in England and Wales, including opening times and local services offered, on the Probation Finder pages of the GOV.UK website.

Nominating a community payback project after 26 June 2021?

From this date you will need to nominate a community payback project using the following email